Pérola is Portuguese and means “pearl”. Perola Filmes is a Berlin-based production company which specialises in making “creative, unique films” in the fields of design, architecture, music, literature and fashion. We cooperate closely with our clients in a creative process that pinpoints and then conveys the distinctive qualities and finer points of their concept or product.

This approach produces remarkable results every time, as it allows us to capture what makes our clients’ work so special.

Up close and personal!
Particularly in the creative industries, an authentic, personal approach can have a far greater impact than an elaborately produced promotional film.

We want our unique films to strike a chord and to take people on a short, but very personal journey to the core of our clients’ brands or artistic concepts. This kind insight creates a relationship of trust and familiarity, which is essential to establishing a company and expanding its customer base or audience.
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