How it works: five steps to your film

Who are you?
At the start of each new project, we will organize a briefing. Our aim is to understand your business from the inside-out, so that we can decide, with your input, on the best visual and content path to pursue. We’re not necessarily looking for facts or figures. Rather, we aim to discover what defines your company at its core, and which sensory worlds the brand reveals.

Our experience has shown that integrating a well-crafted film into an overall communications strategy is essential for creating the greatest impact. This is why, in our analysis, we ask a fundamental question: Who are you? “Who” is your company? What’s at the core of your brand? How do you come across to customers? Which target groups do you aspire to reach? What are the (communication) goals you aim to achieve – in one year, in three years? Are you seeking attention for your business? Or are you seeking attention for a particular product or service? The more we find out about you during this analysis stage, the greater the fund of inspiration from which we can draw. Only then can we translate your aspirations visually to develop creative film ideas. Your film will then reflect your company!

At this stage, you may already have the opportunity to benefit from our extensive network: Experienced marketing and communications strategists, such as AC Coppens or Stefan Michaelsen, who can help you clarify your message and place your corporate identity on a solid footing, for example through “branding workshops”.

This initial analysis leads to a precise description of your project, as well as our offer to you.

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