At the start of a project, we meet up with you for a briefing and ask three core questions to establish how to give your film the desired impact: In which media / on what platforms would you like the film to be shown? Who is the target group? What do you want the film to convey?

After deciding on the objective and medium for your film, next up is the creative brainstorming session, where we join forces with you to conjure up the best ideas for your project! We weigh up the various possible ways to tell your story or maybe look for an unconventional approach to convey the unique selling point of your brand or corporate design through the medium of film.

Once we’ve established the basic idea, we then decide which of our packages would be best suited to translating this concept into a film and prepare a quotation for you, free of charge.

We consult you every step of the way, from the very first briefing to selecting the music and adding the finishing touches. The film is not completed until we have created something perfect that you would happily watch time and again! We will fine-tune and polish your project until a filmic “pearl” has emerged: unique, gleaming, perfectly shaped, precious and timeless.