How it works: third step

Plan for the unpredictable
The third phase consists of the concrete implementation of the film idea that we’ve generated on your behalf. We create a shooting schedule, write a storyboard, acquire film licenses, and plan national or international trips. Given that we mostly work with small teams, a lot of flexibility is possible. We’re ready to travel from Tierra del Fuego to India to capture your story. Moreover, we always leave room for the unpredictable – because the most beautiful scenes arise spontaneously! With each spin, we stretch out our antennae to capture what gives the film its special magic. Improvisation is our strength.

As early as the editing and post-production stages, we will be thinking about how and where the film (or films) can be integrated into your communications strategy for maximum effect. Depending on the strategy, different versions of the film(s) will be created, ranging from short clips (teasers) to longer formats.

While many things can be planned, it’s important to leave room for the magic of the moment – it’s this that can give a film its special appeal.

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