During my Master’s degree in Latin American and Gender Studies, I had already developed a keen interest in the many different sides of filmmaking and made two documentaries, one of which was filmed in Brazil. After graduating in 2006, I started working as a freelance camerawoman and founded Perola Filmes GbR in 2010 in collaboration with the Brazilian journalist Luciana Rangel. In 2012 I became the sole proprietor of the company. When working on smaller productions, I take care of every step of the process, from developing the concept to shooting and editing. When it comes to larger projects, I’m happy to be able to call on my network of experts, who I have enjoyed collaborating with for many years.

My aim with Perola Filmes is to bring together my creativity, communication skills, flair for business, passion and broad experience in many different areas of life.

In order to be creative, it is essential to spend time observing and to be open to new things and experiences. This is what I’ve learned from the many trips I’ve made to South Africa, Brazil, Mexico and Morocco, on the Camino de Santiago and to a host of other places. The various individual observations take on a completely new life as they come together to form short stories, which whisk the observer off to another world. Essentially, making films is nothing less than telling stories that open up a new perspective on things. I was delighted to discover that this approach could also be applied to the field of design, because here the scope for creativity, quite literally, knows no limits.
Inken Sarah Mischke

Portrait: Carina Adam