Depending on the requirements of each project, we are able to draw on the expertise of our large network of consummate professionals.

This ensures that we can offer a wide range of options when creating our films and can put together a tailor-made package for each project idea.

Read on below for more details about our range of partners from various disciplines.

Visualizing the network of Perola Filmes

Camera operators

Burkhard Scheibe, audio & video
Burkhard’s main area of expertise is music and he has worked for the German classical record label Deutsche Grammophon for over a decade. However, he also feels at home at any other type of shoot: armed with a van full of equipment, he is ready to take on any technical challenge and his eye for detail captures every nuance.
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Andreas Plata, Videoproducer und Editor
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Animation (various styles)

Ulli Keil, animation and illustration
In her work as a freelance animator and illustrator, Ulli is always on the lookout for images that tell stories and finds inspiration in life’s absurdities, both large and small. She draws and illustrates characters and brings them to life through animation. With an incredible eye for detail, each project has its own unique charm, as illustrated by this film for Krima und Isa.
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Sound design

Sonja Harth, sound design
Sonja is always on the lookout for new sounds, wherever she happens to be. And if her sound library doesn’t have the perfect tones to match the images, she can create any sound imaginable using incredibly creative and simple techniques. Whatever the film, she will give it a unique soundscape, as illustrated by the project for Suhrkamp: “Das Gift” by Samanta Schweblin.
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Voiceover artists

Kristofer Benn, male German voice
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Maria Heinig, female German voice
Maria’s voice is her passion in life and, as a singer and voiceover artist, she lives from her passion. In her small studio near Berlin, she adds her dulcet tones to promotional films, documentaries, adverts, and much, much more and is open to any project that allows her to display her connection to the whole gamut of human emotions.
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Actors and actresses

Sasha Halm, actress
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Workshops on branding

AC Coppens, business consultancy
Before coming up with a concept for a promotional or product film, it’s sometimes a good idea to take a closer look at your brand values. Once you’ve done this, you’re in a perfect position to translate them into visual language. AC Coppens offers tailored workshops on branding which pinpoint and develop companies’ unique selling points for film and a host of other media.
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Communication design

Stefan Michaelsen
is a communication designer through and through with a broad portfolio: he creates concepts for exhibitions, most recently for the museum network, Meininger Museen; he designs books, primarily in the fields of art and photography; and he develops information and corporate design for a range of customers, including Perola Filmes. Alongside his work as a communication designer, Essen-based Michaelsen works on freelance drawing and photography projects.
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Public Relations

Katja Bettermann and Julia Naumann, Betternau GmbH,
both former journalists and press officers, their services include strategic consulting and PR for small and large companies, foundations and NGOs.
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Special camera systems

    – camera crane
    – dolly
    – green screen studio
    – photography studio equipped with lighting sets and infinity cove for product shots
    – and much more

Expanding the team for international productions, on location.

if required