If you’re aiming to showcase and promote your business, there are many good reasons for investing in a well-made film with a solid concept. And there is often an astoundingly positive correlation between the budget and the impact.

A film can be a real eye-catcher and has been proven to significantly increase the level of interest in a website. According to Forrester Research: one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Videos are the most frequently shared type of corporate content on Facebook and give a major boost to a webpage’s SEO features.

A single film can allow you to reach a very large target group because it can be used in many different ways at the same time: on the website of your publishers, distributors or labels; on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook; for PR activities and specific events, such as trade fairs and presentations, or for a crowdfunding campaign.

What’s more, this kind of unique film is sure to stick in the minds of your (potential) clients: it will put a smile on their faces, entertain them and win them over as they discover your creative ideas in all their wonderful glory.

These are the filmic “pearls” that we aim to create at Perola Filmes and we would love to create one for you.

Even though Volksfaden is just a small fabric shop in Berlin, Perola Filmes’ unique film Volksfaden got 1,000 clicks in two weeks. The lavishly produced music video by ONAIR Get Lucky got 10,000 clicks in the space of 2 months. After six months, this figure had risen to 20,000 clicks.