How it works: fifth step

The whole picture in view
Because we have it all – creative minds, know-how and, last but not least, technology and equipment – we can even go beyond the film. Actors and products are brought together in a suitable location. We can use a film set for stills, photographs, interviews, or the like. The creative process also generates texts and slogan ideas. In this way, in addition to the film, other building blocks for an effective campaign are created – all from a single source.

The message finds your audience through your website, your Youtube channel, blogs, social media channels, fairs, POS, print media, catalogs or books, at a road intersection, or on a pin board. Your message is communicated in digital or analog form, in German, English, or perhaps even in Spanish. For us, cross-media thinking means having the whole picture in view right from the start. And when it comes to any additional needs, we are happy to recommend other partners from our network to collaborate with you.

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