How it works: second step

Which tonality?
What we learn from you during the initial briefing (Analyze) stage, results in an overall sensory impression of your brand. Now we translate your message visually: Which imagery expresses the essential sentiments of your brand? Do we tell a subtle story, or do we choose a bolder path, one that “plays” with the brand to reveal new facets? We can shoot in a studio in Berlin, or at your company headquarters, or even anywhere in the world. Depending on the path we take, we can use text, animation, sound design and composition to further expand possibilities so as to create new visual and acoustic worlds.

Storytelling and visual branding
Thanks to the visualization of the brand developed from within, the product becomes a part of a larger story. The film shows the product in a new light, embodying the tonality of the brand: embedded in the story, products as well as the brand itself evoke an emotional response from the audience – desire, joy, or a feeling of awe. Your brand is suffused with originality, creativity, authenticity, leading the audience to trust in your business.

Your brand finds a home in the film.

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