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“Pérola” is the Portuguese word for “pearl”.

Perola Filmes is a film boutique for a select range of brands. Each film is a one-off and everything is custom-made, because each topic needs its own imagery and approach. Loud or soft? Berlin or elsewhere in the world? Bold or gentle? Are we telling a subtle story or taking the path of disruption? We find this out together.

We want to understand your business from the inside out, to discover the right visual and content path to take later. What gives your brand its buzz? What drives its appeal? We also explore the sensory worlds your brand opens up as well as your company’s core characteristics.

Our films connect because we create ties: with the core of your brand, the target groups and the network. We create films with you, watch your brand grow and participate in transformation processes. We listen. We think with you.

We create space for vibrancy, for inspiration on set, everything that’s alive and affecting. And we operate spontaneously in unimagined realms, because we give creativity free reign in our films. 

Using small, fine nuances to create a big impact. Bold. Professional. Subtle.


That’s the art of it! 


Founder, Creative Producer, Camerawoman, Cutter

​We work with a network of freelance professionals who we involve in a project where necessary.

This way, we can put together a tailor-made team (small or big) for each individual project.

Set styling

Voiceover artists

Actors and actress

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