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Perola Filmes produces filmic one-offs for brands, e.g. image films for websites, trade fair stands and POSs, and short clips for social media channels and social media campaigns (film, photo+). 

A film set can often be used to collect stills and interviews or behind-the-scenes footage, ideally in tandem with a photo shoot, as this means we can use the setup for product photos, moods and photo series at the same time. The creative process also triggers ideas for text or slogans and this generates additional building blocks for a coherent campaign alongside the moving image.

We love producing book trailers for publishing houses or authors, going through the work in fine detail first before translating it visually. We’re also at home in the music world: music videos and concert and studio recordings. We even join the client on tour and then snap up every production opportunity. When working on documentary films, we free ourselves up from everything else and dedicate ourselves totally to the material. With travel documentaries or unusual settings, we enjoy filming in far-flung places using small, flexible teams, the art of improvisation and our small, fine 4k cameras, darting about freely and capturing the most beautiful motifs

Imagefilm, Branding

A film is an “eye catcher” and says more than 1,000 words. An image film not only conveys your brand message but also reaches its audience on many levels…. 

Imagefilm, Branding

Social media film, short clips, campaigns 

A film is just one part of a coherent overall concept as there are many elements around it that together constitute a campaign. Short clips in social media mean that more storytelling can be accommodated there than anywhere else, as each small clip tells a different story.

Series of shortclips for Rosenthal ''Junto'' #33CLIPS

Series for Bürstenhaus Redecker #42CLIPS


Socil media film, short clips,campaigns

Series production

We develop series production (visual concept, camera work) together with our clients. What’s the content? Which format and visual concept could a programme have? What technology is needed? Which snippets would work on social media channels?

Series Production

Product Film and animation

Either soft: we create a world where your product feels good. Your brand energises itself with the originality, creativity and love of detail that convey the images and generate authenticity as well as trust in the brand.

Or loud: the product is explicitly showcased with lots of details and the set becomes a type of installation. Everything and anything is allowed, even gold gingko leaves being poured out of a jug. We use analogue and digital effects to create an unexpected setting – there’s no harm in a bit of something special!

Product film and Animation

Music Videos and Music Teasers

are an appealing genre permitting fantasy to roam far and wide.